Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco: Credits

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                     ANIMAL CHARACTER VOICES
                   (In order of appearance)
                      Chance  MICHAEL J. FOX
                       Sassy  SALLY FIELD
                      Shadow  RALPH WAITE
             Sparky Michaels  AL MICHAELS
               Lucky LaSorda  TOMMY LASORDA
               Trixie Uecker  BOB UECKER
               French Poodle  TRESS MACNEILLE
                      Ashcan  JON POLITO
                        Pete  ADAM GOLDBERG
                       Riley  SINBAD
                     Delilah  CARLA GUGINO
                      Sledge  TISHA CAMPBELL
                       Bando  STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY
                       Spike  ROSS MALINGER
                      Stokey  MICHAEL BELL
                   (In order of appearance)
                        Hope  VERONICA LAUREN
                       Jamie  KEVIN CHEVALIA
                         Bob  ROBERT HAYS
                       Laura  KIM GREIST
                       Peter  BENJ THALL
                      Stacey  KRISTINA LEWIS
                  Tough Girl  ADRIENNE CARTER
                      Skycap  DERYL HAYES
            Baggage Handlers  GARY JONES
                              JEFF CHIVERS
              Airport Worker  ROBIN DOUGLAS
                Poodle Owner  ERNIE PRENTICE
                        Jack  MICHAEL RISPOLI
                       Ralph  MAX PERLICH
                 Fish Seller  ED HONG-LOUIE
                      Tucker  KEEGAN MACINTOSH
                Tucker's Mom  SANDRA FERENS
      Animal Control Officer  HROTHGAR MATHEWS
                Tucker's Dad  ANDREW AIRLIE
                         Boy  RHYSHUBER      
                Fire Captain  NATHANIEL DE VEAUX
                   Pizza Boy  WILLIAM SASSO  
                Truck Driver  TOM WAGNER     
          Stunt Coordinators  ANNIE ELLIS    
                              ERNIE JACKSON  
            Stunt Performers  GUY BEWS       
                              YVES CAMERON   
                              DEAN CHOE      
                              MIKE CRESTEJO  
                              DUANE DICKINSON
                              JIM FINKBEINER 
                              ALEX GREEN     
                              WILLIAM GRISCO 
                              RON JAMES      
                              MICHAEL LANGLOIS
                              TONY MORELLI   
                              FRED PERRON    
                              JACOB RUPP     
                              DAWN STOFER    
                              MELISSA STUBBS 
                              BRENT WOOLSEY  
            Helicopter Pilot  ROBERT "BOBBY Z" ZAJONC

                      TECHNICAL CREDITS                 
                 Directed by  DAVID R. ELLIS 
                  Written by  CHRIS HAUTY and JULIE HICKSON
                 Produced by  BARRY JOSSEN   
  Based upon characters from                 
     Director of Photography  JACK CONROY   
         Production Designer  MICHAEL BOLTON 
                Film Editors  PETER E. BERGER, A.C.E.
                              MICHAEL A. STEVENSON, A.C.E.
                    Music by  BRUCE BROUGHTON
                Co-Producers  JAMES PENTECOST
                              JUSTIS GREENE  
                  Casting by  MEGAN MCCONNELL
     Unit Production Manager  JUSTIS GREENE  
    First Assistant Director  BENJAMIN ROSENBERG
      2nd Assistant Director  PETE WHYTE     
          Animal Coordinator  GARY GERO      
         Associate Producers  GENA DESCLOS  
                              ANGEL PINE     
       Production Supervisor  HEATHER MEEHAN 
            Costume Designer  STEPHANIE NOLIN

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