GoldenEye: The Faces of Bond

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Sean Connery-The man who started it all is still considered the best 007. Connery's Bond was refined but he was tough. He could mix a perfect martini and kill a man in the same breath.

George Lazenby- First of all, he wasn't that terrible. It was no easy task to follow Connery. Lazenby certainly had the looks and the moves of 007 but got blown out of the water when he tried to emulate Bond's sardonic wit.

Roger Moore- Moore's limited range made Bond seem like an upper class snob which contrasted sharply with Connery's "tough guy in a tux" image. With endless sexual encounters (even for Bond) and one witticism too many, Moore ended parodying himself by the time he was through with the role.

Timothy Dalton- In an effort to return Bond to his serious "Connery roots", Dalton went a bit too far. With an almost snarling ferocity and malevolent gaze, 007 made each assignment a personal matter. The idea of a monogamous Bond didn't help much either.

Pierce Brosnan- The latest Bond to step up to the plate is causing much speculation. With his dashing looks and his sophisticated manner some say he was born to play 007. Still others say that he just doesn't have that rough edge to complement the panache.(Hey, check Brosnan out as a chain smoking scientist in Lawnmower Man)

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