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MICHAEL J. FOX (Frank Bannister) previously teamed with Robert Zemeckis for the hugely popular Back To The Future trilogy, which Zemeckis directed. He recently starred with Michael Douglas and Annette Bening in The American President. His other films include Greedy, For Love Or Money, Life With Mikey, The Hard Way, Casualties Of War, Light Of Day, Bright Lights, Big City, The Secret Of My Success, and Teen Wolf.

On television, Fox created the multi-Emmy winning character of Alex P. Keaton for the long-running hit NBC series Family Ties. He starred in Woody Allen's ABC telefilm Don 't Drink The Water and directed an episode of the HBO anthology series Tales From The Crypt.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Fox aspired to a professional hockey career before turning to acting in his teenage years. He moved to Los Angeles at age 18, and now lives with his wife, actress Tracy Pollan, and their three children in New York and Vermont.

TRINI ALVARADO (Dr. Lucy Lynskey) was born in New York and began performing at age seven as a flamenco dancer with her parents. She went on to appear on the New York stage both on and off Broadway in such productions as Joseph Papp's Runaways, Becca, Maggie, Megalita, J Love You, I love You Not, Godspell, and as Anne Frank in Yours, Anne.

Her television credits include Sensibility And Sense and Private Contentment, both for PBS' American Playhouse, Dreams Don 't Die and Nitti: The Enforcer.

When she was eleven, she was cast in the film Rich Kids, produced by Robert Altman. Other film credits include Times Square, Mrs. Soffel, Sweet Lorraine, Stella, American Friends, Satisfaction, The Chair, American Blue Note, The Babe, The Perez Family and most recently Little Women.

PETER DOBSON (Ray Lynskey) put in a brief but memorable appearance as Elvis Presley in Forrest Gump. His other noteworthy film credits include Where The Day Takes You, Last Exit To Brooklyn, and Quiet Days In Hollywood.

JOHN ASTIN (The Judge) has become a pop-culture icon through numerous appearances in quirky, darkly humorous shows, including television's The Addams Family, Eerie Indiana, Evil Ray Slade and Tales From The Crypt, for which he received an ACE nomination. Among Astin's feature films are Academy Award-winning Westside Story, National Lampoon s European Vacation, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Silence Of The Hams, Candy and Nightlife. He received an Academy Award nomination for his debut as writer, director and producer of Prelude. He appears as a voice actor on such shows as Tazmania, Duckman and The Killer Tomatoes. More recently he toured as Edgar Allan Poe in the solo show, Once Upon Midnight.

DEE WALLACE STONE (Patricia Bradley) became a recognizable face after appearing in E. T The Extra Terrestrial. Her other noteworthy film credits include The Howling, Cujo, The Phoenix And The Magic Carpet, and The Best Of The Best III.

JEFFREY COMBS (FBI agent Dammers) has a career spanning film, television and theater, and elevated to cult status with his starring role in Re-Animator and its sequel Bride Of The Re-Animator. His other credits include the films Dillinger And Capone and Love And A .45, and the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jake And The Fat Man, and Beauty And The Beast.

JAKE BUSEY (Johnny Bartlett) most recently appeared in the summer blockbuster Twister, and will next co-star in Paul Verhoeven' s science fiction thriller Starship Troopers. Busey began his career at five years-old when he appeared opposite his father Gary Busey in the feature film Straight Time, starring Dustin Hoffman. Since then, Busey has appeared in S.F.W. opposite Steven Dorff and Reese Witherspoon, the Albert Brooks comedy I'll Do Anything, The Stoned Age, The Footshooting Party with Leonardo DiCaprio, Shimmer, and the television miniseries Cruel Doubt. Busey received critical acclaim for his performance in Motorcycle Gang, directed by John Milius for the three-time Cable Ace Award-nominated series Rebel Highway for Showtime.

CHI McBRIDE (Cyrus) is perhaps best-known for his role on the popular NBC series The John Larroquette Show. Originally from Chicago, only four short years ago, McBride worked as a customer service clerk for MCI in Atlanta. Since becoming an actor, his work has been lauded in HBO's Cosmic Slop and in such films as The Distinguished Gentleman and What 's Love Got To Do With It. In December, McBride can also be seen starring opposite Laurence Fishburne and Tim Roth in MGM-UA's Gangsta.

JIM FYFE (Stuart) began his career as a stage actor and standup comic in New York, appearing in such Broadway productions as Biloxi Blues, Legs Diamond and Tom Stoppard's Artist Descending A Staircase.

The New Jersey native has been seen on television in Law and Order, Tanner 88 (directed by Robert Altman), Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Sinbad, In Living Color, and Something Wilder.

JULIANNA McCARTHY (Old Lady Bradley) is known for her long-running role in The Young And The Restless. She has made television guest appearances on Melrose Place, ER, Cagney & Lacey, LA Law, and Jake And The Fat Man.

TROY EVANS (Sheriff Perry) is an accomplished character actor with a long string of film credits that includes Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Lawnmower Man, Under Siege, Planes, Trains And Automobiles, and Teen Wolf.

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