The Frighteners: Cast

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          Frank Bannister   MICHAEL J. FOX                                    
             Lucy Lynskey   TRINI ALVARADO                                    
              Ray Lynskey   PETER DOB SON                                     
                The Judge   JOHN ASTIN                                        
           Milton Dammers   JEFFREY COMBS                                     
         Patricia Bradley   DEE WALLACE STONE                                 
          Johnny Bartlett   JAKE BUSEY                                        
                    Cyrus   CHI McBRIDE                                       
                   Stuart   JIM FYFE                                          
            Sheriff Perry   TROY EVANS                                        
         Old Lady Bradley   JULIANNA McCARTHY                                 
                   Hi les   R. LEE ERMEY                                      
         Magda Rees-Jones   ELIZABETH HAWTHORNE                               
          Debra Bannister   ANGELA BLOOMFIELD                                 
           Harry Sinclair   DESMOND KELLY                                     
            Steve Bayliss   JONATHAN BLICK                                    
                 Deputies   TODD RIPPON                                       
                            JOHN SUMNER                                       
                            MICHAEL ROBINSON                                  
                            JIM McLARTY                                       
                            ANTHONY RAY PARKER                                
                            PAUL YATES                                        
                            MELANIE LYNSKEY                                   
           Bryce Campbell   JOHN LEIGH                                        
           Young Patricia   NICOLA CLIFF                                      
              Dr. Karnins   KEN BLACKBURN                                     
           Museum Curator   STUART DEVENIE                                    
             TV Presenter   GENEVIEVE WESTCOTT                                
                   Doctor   KC KELLY                                          
          Mrs. Waterhouse   LESLIE WING                                       
                     Maid   LESLIE KLEIN                                      
        Resuscitating Man   FRANK EDWARDS                                     
               The Waiter   ALAN O'LEARY                                      
                    Barry   DANNY LINEHAM                                     
                 Reporter   CHARLIE McCLELLAN                                 
              Jacob Platz   WILLIAM POMEROY                                   
                  Orderly   GEORGE PORT                                       
          Baby in Bouncer   BILLY JACKSON                                     
           Nursery Babies   SOPHIE WATKINS                                    
                            TAEA HARTWELL                                     
                            MAX GROVER                                        
                            GEORGE GROVER                                     
        Hospital Patients   TONY HOPKINS                                      
                            LEWIS MARTIN                                      
                Passersby   CLAY NELSON                                       
                            ROBERT MCNEILL                                    
                            MATTHEW CHAMBERLAIN                               
                     Nuns   VIVIENNE KAPLAN                                   
                            LIZ MULLANE                                       

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