The Fifth Element: Credits

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                      Korben Dallas  BRUCE WILLIS             
                               Zorg  GARY OLDMAN              
                          Cornelius  IAN HOLM                 
                             Leeloo  MILLA JOVOVICH           
                          Ruby Rnod  CHRIS TUCKER             
                              Billy  LUKE PERRY               
                      General Munro  BRION JAMES              
                 President Lindberg  TOMMY "TINY" LISTER JR.  
                                Fog  LEE EVANS                
                              David  CHARLIE CREED MILES      
                          Right Arm  TRICKY                   
                   General Staedert  JOHN NEVILLE             
                   Professor Pacoli  JOHN BLUTHAL             
                             Mugger  MATHIEU KASSOVITZ        
                        Mactilburgh  CHRISTOPHER FAIRBANK     
                               Thai  KIM CHAN                 
                          Neighbour  RICHARD LEAF             
                      Major Iceborg  JULIE T. WALLACE         
                      General Tudor  AL MATHHEWS              
                               Diva  MAIWENN LE BESCO         
                             Priest  JOHN BENNETT             
                           Lefi Arm  IVAN HENG                
                   President's Aide  SONITA HENRY             
                   Scientist's Aide  TIM MCMULLAN             
                    Munro's Captain  HON PING TANG            
                     Head Scientist  GEORGE KAAN              
                   Head of Military  JOHN HUGHES              
                               Omar  ROBERTO BRYCE            
                               Aziz  SMD TALIDI               

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