Fierce Creatures: Credits

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                          Rollo Lee  JOHN CLEESE              
                       Willa Weston  JAMIE LEE CURTIS         
                       Vinee MeCain  KEVIN KLINE              
                         Rod MeCain  KEVIN KLINE              
                       Bugsy Malone  MICHAEL PALIN            
                    Reggie Sealions  RONNIE CORBETT           
                        Cub Felines  CAREY LOWELL             
               Sydney Small Mammals  ROBERT LINDSAY           
                   Neville Coltrane  BILLE BROWN              
                   G erry Ungulates  DEREK GRIFFITHS          
                  Pip Small Mammals  CYNTHIA CLEESE           
                      Hugh Primates  RICHARD RIDINGS          
                           Di Admin  MARIA AITKEN             
                         Ant Keeper  MICHAEL PERCIVAL         
                    Flamingo Keeper  FRED EVANS               
                    Seal ion Keeper  LISA HOGAN               
                      Parrot Keeper  CHOY-LING MAN            
                     Vulture Keeper  TIM POTTER               
                    Aquarium Keeper  JENNY GALLOWAY           
                       Tiger Keeper  KIM VITHANA              
                     Buffalo Keeper  SEAN FRANCIS             
                      Rodent Keeper  JULIE SAUNDERS           
                 Woman in Red Dress  SUSIE BLAKE              
                         Her Mother  PAT KEEN                 
                        Her Husband  DENIS LILL               
                Inspector Masefield  GARETH HUNT              
                     Sergeant Scott  RON DONACHIE             
                    Sergeant Irving  PAUL HAIGH               
          Kevin Kline Acting Double  KENNETH PRICE            
            Octopus Security Guards  LEON HERBERT             
                                     STEWART WRIGHT           
               Frightened Executive  KERRY SHALE              
                        TV Producer  MAC MCDONALD             
                      Zoo Secretary  AMANDA WALKER            
                   Man in Straw Hat  TERENCE CONOLEY          
                 Sealion Spectators  TOM GEORGESON            
                                     JOHN BARDON              
                                     ANTHONY PEDLEY     

                               THE CREDITS                           
                        Directed by  ROBERT YOUNG & FRED SCHEPISI
                        Produced by  MICHAEL SHAMBERG & JOHN CLEESE
                 Executive Producer  STEVE ABBOTT             
                      Screenplay by  JOHN CLEESE & lAIN JOHNSTONE
                        Co-Producer  PATRICIA CARR            
           Directors of Photography  ADRIAN BIDDLE, B.S.C. & IAN BAKER
    Music Composed and Conducted by  JERRY GOLDSMITH          
                        Film Editor  ROBERT GIBSON            
                Production Designer  ROGER MURRAY-LEACH       
                   Costume Designer  HAZEL PETHIG             
                         Casting by  PRISCILLA JOHN           
              Production Accountant  MAGGIE PHELAN            
         Optical Effects Consultant  KENT HOUSTON             
           Unit Production Managers  CALLUM MCDOUGALL         
                                     NEIL RAVAN                           
          First Assistant Directors  JONATHAN BENSON
                                     ROY STEVENS
                  Animal Consultant  RONA BROWN               
               Chief Animal Trainer  JIM CLUB B               
                   Camera Operators  NEIL BINNEY
                                     JOHN MASKALL
                                     JOHN PALMER
                      Focus Pullers  FRASER TAGGART           
                    Clapper Loaders  ASHLEY BOND              
                                     AXEL ULRICH                           
                       Camera Grips  JOHN FLEMMING            
                       Video Assist  JEREMY BROOKNER          
                        Sound Mixer  CHRIS MUNRO              
                      Boom Operator  MIKE BLEACH              
                  Sound Maintenance  COLIN WOOD               
                 Script Supervisors  ANNIE WOOTON             
                                     JUNE RANDALL             
            Production Coordinators  JO BURN                  
                                     BARBARA HARLEY                           
         Second Assistant Directors  MELVIN LIND              
                                     ANTONY FORD
          Junior Assistant Director  CLARE AWDRY
                  Location Managers  GILLY CASE
                                     RACHEL NEALE             

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