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A Washington, D.C.-bound 747 is hijacked by Nagi Hassan (DAVID SUCHET), the second-in-command of one of the most ruthless and feared terrorist organizations in the world. It is presumed the 400 Americans aboard will be offered in trade for the group's leader, imprisoned in England and awaiting extradition to the United States.

David Grant, PhD. (Kurt Russell), an American intelligence analyst and expert in international terrorism, shatters these assumptions when he presents his own chilling assessment of the facts: that Nagi Hassan, operating on his own secret agenda, has targeted Washington with a cargo of DZ-5 -- the most lethal nerve toxin in the world.

The President's Crisis Management Team must choose between ignoring Grant's theory and allowing the 747 to land in Washington, risking the lives of thousands, or destroying it before it reaches U.S. airspace, sacrificing 400 American passengers.

Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis (Steven Seagal), Special Forces leader of an elite anti-terrorist unit, offers the only solution. Using an experimental aircraft designed to transfer bomber crews at high altitude, Travis proposes to dock with the 747 five miles above the Atlantic and put his team of experts, including Rat (JOHN LEGUIZAMO), Cappy (JOE MORTON), Louie (B.D. WONG) and Baker (WHIP HUBLEY), secretly on board.

Two others are asked to join the mission: Grant, for his intelligence expertise, and Cahill (OLIVER PLATT), the civilian design engineer of the delivery plane.

During the docking with the 747 the delivery plane is destroyed, leaving half the team on board the 747, with no communication to the outside world.

As the President's Crisis Team prepares to destroy the 747, assuming all were lost in the explosion of the delivery plane, the stranded men work feverishly to dismantle a hair-trigger computerized bomb and take over the aircraft before it reaches the fail-safe of U.S. airspace. Their only ally on board is Jean, a brave and resourceful flight attendant (Halle Berry).

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