Celtic Pride: Synopsis

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Have you ever yelled at the television screen while watching your favorite team, hoping that what you're saying might actually alter the course of events and carry your team to a rousing victory? Your team is facing total glory or absolute defeat and you're right there with them, every step of the way. What happens if all your screaming, jeering, whooping and silent praying just doesn't seem to be enough to turn the tide?

DAMON WAYANS, DANIEL STERN and DAN AYKROYD star in Caravan Pictures' and Hollywood Pictures' feature film "Celtic Pride," the story of two Boston Celtics fanatics, Mike O'Hara (Stern) and Jimmy Flaherty (Aykroyd), who unwittingly kidnap Lewis Scott (Wayans), the superstar player from the opposing team before Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

As the story opens, Lewis Scott is ruling the basketball court as the wellendorsed star player from the Utah Jazz. He is also single-handedly leading his
team to a comeback in their bid for the NBA championship, much to the dismay of the Boston Celtics fans -- and particularly Mike O'Hara and Jimmy Flaherty.

When Game 6 ends with a Boston Celtics defeat and a series tie, Jimmy and Mike are outraged to hear that Lewis Scott is celebrating his victory at a local nightclub. Daring to look the enemy in the eye, they seek out Scott and soon devise a plan to get him so drunk, he won't be able to play well, thus securing the title for the home team. The unsuspecting Scott, who believes Jimmy and Mike to be Utah Jazz fans, falls for the plan and finally passes out.

Mike and Jimmy wake the next morning in Jimmy's apartment only to find that Scott is there as well, with his hands and feet bound in tape! Discovering they've kidnapped him, the duo suddenly realize they have a rare opportunity to actually control the outcome of the series if they keep Scott from playing.

What they don't count on is that Scott is as keen a competitor off the court as he is on, in Hollywood Pictures' new comedy, "Celtic Pride."

A Hollywood Pictures presentation in association with Caravan Pictures, "Celtic Pride" is directed by Tom DeCerchio from a screenplay by Judd Apatow, and a story by Apatow and Colin Quinn. Roger Birnbaum is the producer. Judd Apatow, Charles J.D. Schlissel and Jonathan Glickman are the executive producers. Buena Vista Pictures distributes.

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