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Director and co-screenwriter MARTIN SCORSESE's lifelong passion for cinema of all types has fueled a remarkable career dedicated to movies. A graduate of New York University, Scorsese worked as an editor until his first feature Who 's That Knocking at My Door, caught the attention of Roger Corman, who asked him to direct Boxcar Bertha. He returned to New York to film Mean Streets in 1973, and the work attracted the critical acclaim and national attention that launched Scorsese's career.

His filmography reflects a taste and talent for diverse subject matter: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, for which Ellen Burstyn won an Oscar; Taxi Driver; New York, New York; The Last Waltz; Raging Bull, a film considered to be one of the classics of American cinema and for which Robert De Niro and editor Thelma Schoonmaker won Academy Awards; The King of Comedy; After Hours; The Color of Money, for which Paul Newman won an Oscar; The Last Temptation of Christ; the "Life Lessons" segment of New York Stories; GoodFellas, for which Joe Pesci won an Oscar; Cape Fear; and The Age of Innocence.

Scorsese has also devoted considerable time and energy to champion film preservation, most notably lobbying Eastman Kodak for the development of new low- fade film stock, which is now the industry standard. He is also one of the founders of the Film Foundation, which promotes the restoration of films by studios and archives. In 1992, he launched Martin Scorsese Presents, a company dedicated to the restoration and distribution of classic films.

Most recently, Scorsese produced Spike Lee's Clockers and is the executive producer of Allison Anders' Grace of My Heart. Scorsese has also produced such projects as The Grifters, Mad Dog and Glory, Naked in New York and Search and Destroy.

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