101 Dalmatians: Jim Henson's Creature Shop/ILM

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Where possible, it was both John Hughes' and Stephen Herek's intention to use real animals in the making of "101 Dalmatians." However, there are some shots and scenes which would not have been possible without the wizardry of Jim Henson's Creature Shop and Industrial Light and Magic.

The Creature Shop's work with animatronics is unrivaled, most recently earning the talented team an Academy Award® for the superb "Babe." The company's skills were once again called upon in "101 Dalmatians" to produce a range of animatronic animals when it proved either too dangerous or too difficult to use living creatures.

In particular, the Creature Shop was commissioned to produce a range of young and new born puppies. Other animatronic creations include the back end of a horse (used to catapult Cruella through a barn door), an Airedale dog, a dead tiger, and a raccoon and pig.

Industrial Light and Magic has indisputably taken the film industry into a new and exciting world where the impossible is made possible using computer

technology. Their ground-breaking work includes one of the world's biggest box office success stories "Jurassic Park" and most recently "Jumanji."

ILM's contribution to "101 Dalmatians" is more complex than just reproducing animals, but includes 'adding' puppies to scenes to give the illusion of 99 puppies fleeing from Horace and Jasper and well as digitally renovating the De Vil mansion and multiplying Pongo and Perdy's adult off-spring and their children' to give the illusion of 1,000 puppies.Disney movies.

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