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"Flamenco (de Carlos Saura)" Press Conference
at the 1995 New York Film Festival

by Kathleen Carroll

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As Carlos Saura and Vittorio Storaro explained at a press conference for FLAMENCO their collaboration began when, as Storaro put it, "we were sitting on the floor in a festival in Kyoto." "Carlos told me that he wanted to do a project about rhythm and, of course, for me rhythm is part of my own language," added the Italian cinematographer.

It was Storaro who suggested giving the film a structural unity through the use of light. Executing his vision was something else again. "Of course this was something I didn't know how to do," Storaro admitted. "But I think if we continue to do something we know already we'll be stuck in the mud."

Using his own charming brand of English Storaro proceeded to launch into a detailed description of his thoughts as he developed his unique lighting concept. "When I arrived on set I learned that flamenco artists are performing only at the end of the day," he said. "I was very catched by this idea." Storaro's subsequent speech prompted producer Juan Lebron to declare "He's a great philosopher - not only a great photographer."

Saura was equally impressed. "He's really a master of words," he said with obvious admiration. "He's expressed himself beautifully to me but never more beautifully than today."

Saura's own dream was "to show how is the real flamenco - not flamenco for tourists." Asked who the film was marketed for LeBron responded with total candor. "I don't know," he declared. "Maybe the 12 million people in New York."

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