Oh, yes, I'm Jerry, I work here... OK, well, I'm not sure why you want to look at this stuff, hey, you're already here and I hope you think you're in the right place. But, since you asked, here's the latest on the reaction to Film Scouts:

Our most recent accolade came from The Net Magazine (August 1999), with a feature article entitled "The Web's All-Time 100 Best Movie Sites." We are very proud that Film Scouts came in at number 3, right behind the Internet Movie Database and Cinemedia (a database and search engine, respectively). Thus Film Scouts was rated the all-time top original-content site.

Film Scouts has been saluted many times by Netscape. We were a "Destination Site" for 1998, and were also featured in their "Open Directory Project". In February 1999 Film Scouts' internet premiere multicast of the film "Koyaanisqatsi" was a "Cool Pick of the Week". And finally, Film Scouts' Cannes Festival coverage was selected as a "Cool Pick" again in 1999. This was our fifth time chilled for our Cannes coverage; our 1998, 1997, 1996 and 1995 coverages were "Cool Sites" as well.

 May 1996: We got our first "Pick of the Week" at Yahoo!, in addition to wearing "cool" shades (a "check this site first" rating) on their Movies and Films page. Since then, we have been selected as "Pick of the Week" numerous times, specifically for our coverage of the Cannes and Sundance Film Festivals.

 USA Today guide to hot sites: The fancy paint job in the Observatory hadn't even had time to dry before, on January 6, 1998 it was listed as a Hot Site, noting that " Film Scouts offers a cute tactile twist to the online fortune-telling business. Don't blame us for the smudges on your screen." On March 14, 1997, Film Scouts was recognized for our co-production of the the Arthur C. Clarke Internet Broadcast, celebrating the birthdate of the computer HAL in the film 2001, at HALbday.com . Our first review from USA Today rated us "worth bookmarking" in the Weekend Edition, March 29-31, 1996.

 October, 1997: We've been awarded"Best of the Web" status by Snap! Online; they said "Film Scouts is the feel-good movie site of the year."

 May 6, 1997, saw us featured in the CyberTimes edition for our Cannes coverage, with an interview with chief Film Scout Mayra L. Riesman. Also, on October 21, 1996, the regular edition of The New York Times' Business Day featured us, with a photo of our theater exterior, in an article about film sites on the web. I'm particularly happy that they found our theatre staff to be "helpful," and especially the closing suggestion that "If you get lost, call for Jerry." Maybe now I can convince the management to invest in new furniture for the Employee Lounge.

 We were awarded a second Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on May 26, 1997 (our first one was on May 23 1996).

 October, 1997: We've been given an Pan-European Award by Eurochannel, for our Europe-referenced content.

  We've been selected for listing by TAXI Interactive as "... amongst the best websites currently out there on the Internet."

 Variety called us "one of the most entertaining fest sites" in the May 12-18 1997 issue. In the July 25, 1996 issue of Daily Variety, we were described as "A very cool site....Chock full of gossip, glitz, film reviews, interviews with filmmakers, even a guide to the best eateries."

 NetGuide has awarded us Platinum status, their highest level, with 5 stars in every category (overall, content, design, and personality).

 We're #4 of the Top 10 Movie Sites on Point ("Top 5% of All Web Sites", the editorial division of Lycos) And we don't mind only being number 4, as the first three are my favorite sites on the Web (see my favorite links).

 Best of Internet, a German search engine and ratings group, has just ranked us as one of their favorite sites (February 1997).

 "...Film Scouts has been deemed an outstanding Web site by the WebCrawler Select Editorial Team," they wrote to say on November 15, 1996.

 Film Scouts is being featured as one of the top entertainment sites by WebTV, a set-top service debuting now (November 1996).

 SelectSurf has chosen Film Scouts as a "Best of the Web" site (December 1997).

 PrimeSites, an Australian reviewing service, has put us in the top 1% of all sites with a nice review, May 15, 1997

The .Net Directory, a European magazine, just named us Best E-zine in their July 1996 issue, saying that we use "an approach that ditches all the usual tabloid bunkum in favour of an appreciation of film." They even go so far as to end with "Gulp, it's serious."

 Oh yeah, Internet Underground gave us their highest award, 5 stars, in the July 1996 issue.

 Also, the July 1996 issue of NetGuide magazine rated us #2 of all movie sites on the Web, called us a "sharp performer".

 Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions has identified Film Scouts to be included within its Internet Access Service as a "best of the net" site.

We were a 2ask.com "Best of the Planet Award" winner (four stars) for our Cannes coverage.

The French newspaper of record, Le Monde, had this to say about our Cannes coverage on May 6, 1996: "Film Scouts, the celebrated American service ... has created a special Cannes site which is very complete, richly illustrated, both informative and playful ... with everything from press conference coverage to restaurant reviews, along with an index of programs and events."

 Magellan  has rated us a "4-Star Site", said we were "comprehensive", May, 1996.

 NCSA Mosaic, in cooperation with GNN, the Global Network Navigator) declared us one of the Top 5 Sites of the Day for March 8, 1996.

 World Wide Web Associates picked us (December 1996) as a Top Ten winner, putting us in the "top 1/10th of 1%".

 We've been given a GAR Awartd as a "Best Site" for October, 1996.

 Rotterdam's foremost daily newspaper, the Dagblad, featured us a one of the Top 5 sites, April 13, 1996.

 We were picked as a Project Cool Sighting on April 7, 1996.

 We were chosen as Mecklermedia's iWORLD "Site of the Day" for Thursday, April 4th, 1996, with a nice review.

 The Hollywood Reporter wrote approvingly about Film Scouts in the daily issue of March 27, 1996 (page S-20), and linked to us from their "Hollywood Hyperlink" page. Well, I guess I must have impressed them, because I got a mention, "Jerry, the Virtual NYU Student" - hey, I may be virtual to them but I'm pretty vital to me...

 Vancouver's FM station Classic Rock 101 put us up on their site as a Cool Link ("Virtual Theater").

...We were one of eight finalists for the 1996 Cybercasting Special Events Award from Digital Hollywood.

 The Trailer Park named us on April 1, 1996 as the "... Hot Trailer Pick for the best movie related site on the net!"

 We've been awarded "Top 100 Entertainment Site" status by Tifa Networks.

 ...On March 1, 1996 we were picked as the "Dynamite Site of the Nite" by the people at Terra IncogNETa.

 ...And on May 6, 1996, we were selected as a "Pick of the Week" by Actors Online, with a review which (ahem) mentions me again.

 We're one of only 6 film sites linked to by InfoTech on their HotSheet page.

Well, I could go on, but I'm starting to feel a little woozy from all this praise. Anyway, may I help you with something else, or...

OK, I'll just show you back to the main lobby.

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