Film Scouts LLC and M. L. Riesman: "Content for Advanced Technologies"


Mayra Langdon Riesman is the Creator of Film Scouts LLC. Completely self-taught in computers, she created and produced the 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998 Film Scouts sites, including real-time media events such as Film Scouts at The Cannes Film Festival (Film Scouts on the Riviera), Hal's Birthday (Arthur C. Clarke, Live From Sri Lanka), and Film Scouts at Sundance. The New York Times has called her "...a pioneer in media on the Internet." CNN has called her " of the true visionaries for new media." Ms. Riesman also has a book scheduled for publication by MacMillan in 1999 entitled "Real-Time Broadcasting on the Internet." Ms. Riesman has pioneered the concept of original Internet programming and developed the first MBone TV station and channel concept on the net. Film Scouts also presented the Internet premiere of the legendary film "Koyaanisqatsi". This event, produced with the IPMI, was the most extensive use ever of Internet multicast technology and the foundation for turning the Internet into a broadcast medium. Ms. Riesman also has been a keynote or guest speaker with HP at the IPMI Summit on "Entertainment and Convergence", on the "Future of Webcasting" with Real Networks, NBC and Microsoft, and was invited to speak at the NAB convention in Las Vegas 1999 on "Entertainment and Convergence." Last year a talk she gave at The Cannes Film Festival was sponsored by SUN. Additionally Ms. Riesman has worked on media related film projects with Philip Glass, The Berlin Film Festival, The Cairo Film Festival, Ray Manzarek, David Byrne, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Luis Valdez, Little Magic Productions (Amuse Video), NHK (Zbig Vision) and David Bowie's company Isolar. Ms. Riesman is represented by Creative Artists Agency (Los Angeles).


Film ScoutsŪ LLC was established in March 1994 to provide consulting, executive production, and distribution services for entertainment content to the leading technology and content companies in the world. As a test of concept case study, the company launched Film Scouts (, a movie-oriented web site in 1995. The site has become a leader in video entertainment programming on the World Wide Web. It has received numerous awards from Yahoo, Netscape, Lycos, and others and has garnered press acclaim from sources such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, and CNN. Over the next two years Film Scouts LLC looks to become the recognized leader of "content for advanced technologies" in the entertainment industry.

Film Scouts LLC continues to establish its brand by providing some of the best and most innovative entertainment content on the Web. It is a recognized innovator and has been among the few non-portal sites that have been effective in developing a significant advertising revenue stream. Its particular strength is its background in, and mastery of, both advanced technology and entertainment content, and its ability to bring these talents together. Companies Film Scouts has worked with include Bellcore, Ericsson, Yahoo, HP, Microsoft, Samsung, America Online, NBC, and Bell Atlantic. Some of our sponsors have included HP, Sprint, MCI, Tanqueray, Boboli, and Excite. For media sales Film Scouts is represented by Winstar Interactive.

Film Scouts is broadcast at and on NBC at

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