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Ivan Sanford     Graphics
Eve Furchgott     Jerry (the usher) graphics
Sue Un, The Image Group     Graphics

Peter Backus, PhD., SETI     Astronomer-at-large
Cari Beauchamp     Critic-at-Large
Liza Bear     Critic-at-large
Henri Béhar     Critic-at-large
Robert M. Bilder, PhD.     Chief Resident Neuropsychologist
James Byerley, J.D., HBO     Gastronomer-at-Large
Howard Feinstein     Critic-at-Large
Daniele Heymann     Critic-at-Large (Paris)
Karen Jaehne     Critic-at-Large
Debra Lass     Critic-at-Large
Joe Leydon     Critic-at-Large
Aimee Marcoux     Critic-at-Large
Glenn Myrent     Videographer, Critic-at-Large (Europe)
Lisa Nesselson     Critic-at-Large (Europe)
Eli Reed/Magnum     Photographer
Lisa Rafel     Spritual Consultant (Marin County)
David Sterritt     Critic-at-Large
Anna Valdez     Critic-at-Large

Reed Grinsell
Jennifer Ferraro
    Broadcast Division, West Coast Bureau

Nacera Amrhouni     Cannes Representative, The French Film Office
R. J. Millard     The Sundance Film Festival

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