Khrustalyov, mashinu!
(Khroustaliov, Bring My Car!)

The veteran Russian director Alexei Guerman recounts the life of a brain specialist, who was also a General of the Red Army and bon vivant. In 1953, Stalin initiates a conspiracy which threatens Dr. Glinski, who flees, is caught and sent to the Gulag. Until Stalin is on his death bed and Beria begs the doctor to save their leader.

Directed by: Aleksei German
Written by: Aleksei German, Svetlana Karmalita
Starring: Y. Tsurilo, Nina Ruslanova, M. Dementyev, Alexander Bashirov, Jüri Järvet
Produced by: Alexander Golutva, Armen Medvedev
Original Music by: Andrei Petrov

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