Layla Lavan
(White Night)

Here is the story of Charlie, a murderer put in jail who tries to get rid of his drug addiction. His tremendous attempt to reach purity turns out to be spiritual as well as physical and simultaneously displays an unexpected friendship between him and the tough Shlomo, a young delinquent who ends up with dealers and junkies. Friendship, betrayal, ideologies and secret relationships take the two prisoners by surprise as they seemed to have lost faith in life.

Directed by: Arnon Zadok
Written by: Arnon Zadok, Yosh Halevi, Shlomo Kfir
Starring: Arnon Zadok, Sharon Alexander, Shmil Ben Ari, Liora Rivlin, Shalom Shmuelov
Produced by: Arnon Zadok, Doron Eran
Original Music by: Arik Rudich

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