Toute vitesse, À

At the beginning of the story, there are two children, Rick and Saïd. They are very close and they wish that their friendship would last beyond death. One night Rick dies in a car accident. Saïd feels guilty of having survived but tries to live with that feeling. Somewhere else, later on, in a lost suburb, lives Jimmy, 2O years old. He feels nostalgia for his childhood spent in the countryside, nevertheless he bites into life. Julie, who is not a girl to compromise, lives in her quiet family home. And finaIly, there is Quentin, a worker's son, who becomes famous after his book release. Quentin and Jimmy are very, deeply close to each other until, one night, Quentin meets Saïd whose peculiar personality fascinates him.

Directed by: Gaël Morel
Written by: Gaël Morel, Catherine Corsini
Starring: Romain Auger, Mezziane Bardadi, Élodie Bouchez, Pascal Cervo, Stéphane Rideau
Produced by: Laurent Bénégui

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