Somewhere in this vast ocean of darkness called the cosmos an island exists with valleys of red earth. Angel lands with the mission to fumigate the vineyards, in order to stop the cochenille infestation which is giving the wine a strange, earthy taste. Under electric skies and in touch with the common people, Angel finds a way of resolving his split personality disorder with two women: Angela, a married and timid blond; and Marl, a 19 year-old slightly perverted and insolent red-head. This inner conflict, complex and secret, is accompanied by another physical struggle: Patricio, Angela's husband, is also Marl's lover. Thus, Angel is able to transform his inner conflict into a question of life or death, earth or cosmos, wisdom or folly, and lust or love.

"'Tierra' is an island, a lone man, a faraway imaginary place separating life and death, the known from the unknown. A story of simulated choice and balance owing the existential anxiety of a fragile and sensitive being who feels inferior, scorned, due to the incalculable laws of the governing universe. It is also a physical place, a centre where a love story takes place with two women and two ways of solving the essential contradictions that stem from the excited Imagination of the protagonist. One choice remains - death is the void; so there is no time to waste thinking about it. The universe is too violent and big to our liking and Man, this species that lives above our line of sight, illuminates everything." - Julio Medem

Directed by: Julio Medem
Written by: Julio Medem
Starring: Carmelo Gómez, Emma Suárez, Karra Elejalde, Silke Klein, Nancho
Produced by: Fernando de Garcillán
Original Music by: Alberto Iglesias

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