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"Caught In The Web" Inter(net)views, QuickTime:
"Internet Debut" with Lisa Harrow (0.7mb)
"I Made a Film, And..." with Lisa Harrow (0.7mb)
"Guess Who I Saw" with Lisa Harrow (0.8mb)
"Invasion Forces" with Lisa Harrow (0.8mb)
"My Name Is..." with Jonathan Nossiter (0.8mb)
"Words of Wisdom" with Jonathan Nossiter (1.0mb)
"Cannes In Africa?" with Jonathan Nossiter (1.1mb)

Madeleine, a middle-aged English actress, out of work but not out of hope, accosts Oliver, a downsized IBM executive, with the words a You're Matthew Delacorta, the film director ". With this fateful phrase, innocent or not, she triggers a day of romantic intrigue, deceit and emotional hijinks that leaves both sides reeling.

Directed by: Jonathan Nossiter
Written by: Jonathan Nossiter, James Lasdun
Starring: Lisa Harrow, Jared Harris, David Suchet, Larry Pine, Joe Grifasi, Arnold Barkus
Produced by: Jonathan Nossiter, Jed Alpert, Alix Madigan, D.J. Paul

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