The Serpent's Kiss

Photo Courtesy of the Cannes Film Festival

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England, 1699. Thomas Smithers, a small industrialist, driven by vanity and his desire to impress his delightful wife Juliana, decides to transform his neglected garden into a work of art worthy of his social status. A young and brilliant Dutch landscape gardener, Meneer Chrome, is given the task of creating the masterpiece. Chrome is hired on James Fitzmaurice's advice, a scheming and jealous man who has orchestrated everything to bring Smithers to his downfall and regain the love of his cousin Juliana. But unexpected events will counter his diabolical plans : Juliana falls in love with Chrome, who in turn is taken by Thea, Juliana's strange young daughter... A storm that rocks the hearts, raises a devastating wind.

Directed by: Philippe Rousselot
Written by: Tim Rose Price
Starring: Richard E. Grant, Pete Postlethwaite, Ewan McGregor, Donal McCann, Greta Scacchi, Carmen Chaplin
Produced by: Tim Rose Price, John Battsek, Robert Jones
Original Music by: Goran Bregovic

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