Sélect Hôtel

Select hotel, the last place where those who desperately sneak around at night end up to find something to eat, a place to sleep,those who sell their body for a few bucks rapidly swallowed with low quality drugs. That's enough to help forget the destitution of a wasted life and to dream of a better place somewhere else. Natalie and her brother Tof are trying to make their way in this futureless world. Pierre, a cobbler, touched by Natalie's beauty, will share these two poverty-stricken children's lives for a while.

Directed by: Laurent Bouhnik
Written by: Laurent Bouhnik
Starring: Julie Gayet, Jean-Michel Fête, Serge Blumental, Marc Andréoni, Sabine Bail, Eric Aubrain, Emmanuelle Rozes, Michel Gondoin
Produced by: Laurent Bouhnik
Original Music by: Jérôme Coullet

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