La Seconda volta

Review, by Lisa Nesselson

By chance, Alberto Sajevo meets Lisa Venturi, the woman who tried to kill him In a terrorist attack twelve years ago. He recognises her immediately. She, on the other hand, has decided to repress this part of her past and takes Alberto for an admirer. They start seeing each other. Lisa pretends to be a common secretary. Alberto pretends to believe her, even though he knows that she goes back to prison every night, where she is condemned to 30 years, even though she enjoys semi-liberty. Little by little they start a cruel psychological game, through which Alberto tries to find an answer to a question that has been torturing him for many years.

"'La seconda volta' is a voyage back to a particular time in Italian history, a moment that marked the political and private life of the whole country. The story of Lisa and Alberto poses a series of questions on the possibility of overcoming history, culpability, and most of all about personal forgiveness. It is up to the two principal characters to look for answers, not to be prisoners their whole lives in the roles history cast them in." - Mimmo Calopresti

Directed by: Mimmo Calopresti
Written by: Mimmo Calopresti, Francesco Bruni, Heidrun Schleef
Starring: Nanni Moretti, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Francesca Antonelli, Simona Caramelli, Marina Confalone, Roberto De Francesco, Orsetta De Rossi, Paolo De Vita, Nello Mascia, Valeria Milillo, Rosanna Mortara, Antonio Petrocelli
Produced by: Nanni Moretti, Nella Banfi, Angelo Barbagallo
Original Music by: Franco Piersanti

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