Un samedi sur la terre
(A Saturday on Earth)

What are the chances that an incident might happen on this small sea-side road on this particular Saturday? The chances are so small that none of the participants, directly or indirectly, involved in the tragedy could have ever imagined it would occur. Unless of course, they are fortune-tellers... Imagine a puzzle: you won't pick the pieces by chance, we will give them to you one by one. The problem is that the picture is not on the cover of the box. All you can sense is the feeling of tragedy. One piece after another the characters will appear and from coincidences to understandings, from misunderstandings to cross-checkings, you will discover the pattern of the puzzle: the random sequence of circumstances that leads to the inescapable.

Directed by: Diane Bertrand
Written by: Diane Bertrand, Guillaume Laurant
Starring: Eric Caravaca, Elsa Zylberstein, Johan Leysen, Kent, Estelle Larrivaz
Produced by: Georges Benayoun, Michel Propper
Original Music by: Pascal Comelade

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