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Gregoire Ponceludon, a young hydrographer, leaves his provincial town in order to submit a proposal to the Versailles authorities, concerning the drainage of the swamps in la Dombes. The Marquis de Bellegarde, an old doctor familiar with the ways of Louis XVI's court, befriends the young engIneer, whom he feels is a man of wit. In his efforts, the 'solicitor' of the court must be aware of the fearful results of seeming ridiculous, which can put an end to one's career - not to mention one's life.

"If I was taken by the inspiration and originality of this story it is because 'Ridicule' is a staging of people and their manners. People who fight for survival, for recognition, always on guard; people fearful of failure and disgrace ; people in love sometimes with ambition; people with a fragile stability and tightrope walkers. One can find, in 'Ridicule', a smiling savagery, a powdered violence that gave me, more than ever, the desire to interest myself in gests, looks, eloquent shudders - details expressing life itself." - Patrice Leconte

Directed by: Patrice Leconte
Written by: Rémi Waterhouse
Starring: Fanny Ardant, Judith Godrèche, Charles Berling, Jean Rochefort, Bernard Giraudeau, Bernard Dhéran
Produced by: Philippe Carcassonne, Frédéric Brillion, Gilles Legrand
Original Music by: Antoine Duhamel

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