Il Principe di Homburg

Photo Courtesy of the Cannes Film Festival

Review, by David Sterritt

One night, in the palace's garden, the Prince of Homburg - Commander of the German cavalry during the Thirty Year War against the Swedes - braids a crown of laurel; he seems awake but is actually asleep. The Elector, his wife and the princess Natalia happen upon him. The Elector seizes the crown from his hands. The following day the Prince fascinated by the sight of Natalia - listens inattentively to the military orders. On the field of battle he desobeys them. He is sentenced to death and pleads for his life. The Elector grants him clemency on one condition : that he asks for it publicly. The Prince's dilemma leads him to choose death. During the execution the prince is once again in the palace's garden and, like in a dream, the royal family surrounds him while Natalia lays the laurel crown on his head.

Directed by: Marco Bellocchio
Written by: Marco Bellocchio, Heinrich von Kleist
Starring: Andrea Di Stefano, Barbara Bobulová
Produced by: Piergiorgio Bellocchio
Original Music by: Carlo Crivelli

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