Norm of the North Matinee Room

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Directed by: Trevor Wall
Written by: Jack Donaldson, Derek Elliott
Starring: Heather Graham, Colm Meaney, Rob Schneider, Loretta Devine, James Corden, Bill Nighy, Zachary Gordon, Ken Jeong, Debi Derryberry, Jess Harnell, Gabriel Iglesias, Janet Varney, Jamie Lissow, Michael McElhatton, Salome Jens, Kate Higgins, Charles Adler, Keith Ferguson, Ben Diskin, Candi Milo, Rachel Grate, Cathy Cavadini, Rick D. Wasserman, G.K. Bowes, Mikey Kelley, Rove McManus, Julia Max, Dan Gordon, Nick Shakoour, Eric Price, Maya Kay
Produced by: Nicolas Atlan, Ken Katsumoto, Steve Rosen, Liz Young, Mike Young
Original Music by: Stephen McKeon

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