A young, tall and black girl,... Mossane's beauty, recognised and praised by everyone, creates only conflicts and disagreements in this part of the bush, which is generally quite peaceful. No one can resist the "pearl" of Mbissel, a village founded in the fourteenth century by a king. Even her brother Ngor has incestuous feelings for her. When Mossane was born, her parents had promised her to Diogoye, an emigrant living abroad. But Mossane is having a chaste love affair with Fara, without her parents knowing. After many clashes and misunderstandings, Mossane runs away from home, passing through "Mamangueth" to join Fara and give herself to him. Only "Mamangueth" can deliver her from all evil. If only "Mamangueth", the arm of the sea, could speak it would say what it knows. If it could cry out, it would surely warn Mossane! Thus the dramatic cycle that regularly strikes the region comes again, and Mossane, fourteen years old, daughter of Farba Diouf and Mingue Diouf embodies it fully.

Directed by: Safi Faye
Written by: Safi Faye
Starring: Abou Camara, Alpha Diouf, Alioune Konare, Isseu Niang, Magou Seck, Moustapha Yade
Original Music by: Yandé Codou Sène

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