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One hour and fifteen minutes on an unknown planet: Earth rediscovered on a scale of centimetres. The inhabitants are incredible creatures: insects and other animals living in the grass and in the water. The landscape: impenetrable forests, tufts of grass, drops of dew as big as balloons... A land where the animals walk on water, stroll with their heads down and fall without fear from over a hundred times their height, slowed down only by the resistance of the air. In this world the hourglass of time moves faster: one hour equals one day, one day equals one season, one season is a lifetime. This is a voyage from the inside, leading the spectator to the heart of the action, as though he/she was the size of an insect. In making the spectator forget their human condition - within the framework of film, he/she can better delve into this marvellous reality, normally inaccessible.

"One year of preparations, a three year long shoot, six months of editing, sound editing, and mixing for one of the most unusual and impressive films ever to be made. It's not so much a documentary as it is 'natural fiction', transporting the viewer to a nearby and unimaginable world. In the heart of a common meadow, the film opens to a vast and untouched area where all sorts of adventures are possible. Microcosmos is a vertiginous dive into the minuscule; natural phenomenon at this level, such as the wind, rain, storms, and even a simple sunset can become real disasters. Each subject is filmed at the height of an insect, keeping the smallest detail of this vast Lilliputian terrain in context.

"If this world arouses apprehension, this film offers a new vision, a metamorphosis, that reveals something both marvellous and spectacular." - Claude Nuridsany & Marie Perennou

Directed by: Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
Written by: Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
Produced by: Christophe Barratier, Yvette Mallet
Original Music by: Bruno Coulais

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