Marcello Mastroianni: mi ricordo, sì mi ricordo

Photo Courtesy of the Cannes Film Festival

Review, by Kathleen Carroll

Marcello Mastrioianni used to say : "I believe in nature, love, affection, friendship, my work and my friends. I love people and I love life. Perhaps that's why life has loved me in return. I think I've been a very lucky man". He reasserts all this in the film I Remember... in which he continually expresses his love of lifr and his devotion to the cinema. When Marcello decided to make this film with me last July, I was happy, but at the same time worried about taking on such a resposibility. Nevertheless, the bonds forged over 22 years together encouraged me to make it.

Directed by: Anna Maria Tatò
Starring: Marcello Mastroianni
Original Music by: Armando Trovajoli

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