Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore

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Review, by Liza Bear

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Scrappy, raw, and quaintly unpretentious, Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore surveys the punk universe of a small midwestern town wiCh none of the usual shock-value affectations. Made for a song, it proves itself the persistent train that could.

Suburban Jane, the archetypical schoolgirl nerd, desperately wants to be as hip and worldly as her older movie theater coworkers. But without a body manipulation, dreaded lock, or sexual conquest to her name, she is perpetually dismissed as plain little Mary iane by the coolerthan-thou.When Jane is unceremoniously deflowered and promptly discarded by the town's most infamous asshole, the motley group of workers rallies to her side. Jane arises with a new sense of self and firm grasp on her sexuality.

With a hot indie score and disarming performance by Lisa Gerstein, writer/director/producer/editor and cinematographer Sarah Jacobson's sassy debut is a sheer delight.
- Rebecca Yeldham

Directed by: Sarah Jacobson
Written by: Sarah Jacobson
Starring: Lisa Gerstein, Beth Allen, Greg Cruikshank, Andrew David DeAngelo, Chris Enright, Davey Havok, Alicia Rose, Bwana Spoons
Produced by: Sarah Jacobson

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