Macadam tribu

Mike likes girls and Kapa likes boxing. Mike and Kapa are brothers, they spend their time roaming the streets, the bars and the boxing halls of a huge African city. Mike, who has just gotten out of jail, works with his brother in a garage. But as he cares more about girls than car engines, he eventually gets fired. Their mother, Bavusi, who drinks a little, dreams of getting back her location in the central marketplace where she used to sell loinclothes. One day, Duka, Kapa's coach, decides to go back into the ring to face Kabeya, the great champion. Everybody is there to support him but the fight turns out badly for him and he goes into a coma.

Directed by: Josť Laplaine
Written by: Josť Laplaine
Starring: Habibou Dembele, Sidy Camara, Andre Carvello, Boubacar S. Diarra, Maimouna Helene Diarra
Produced by: Raphael Vion
Original Music by: Papa Wemba

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