Lulu, a Vietnamese mail-order bride, has been bought and sold, but she cannot be owned. Mysterious and exotic, she presents an immaculate facade as she works behind a cosmetics counter in a department store. But, behind her flawless make-up, she conceals a terrible past and a troubled present. Frustrated by her traditional Vietnamese parents who blame her for their unhappiness, Lulu is also pursued by her seedy, ineffectual husband, Lucky, his opportunistic friend Clive, and a documentary filmmaker, Miguel. A chain of desire binds the three men together. Despite the intensity of their claims on her, Lulu eludes them all, disappearing into her mirror, her secrets intact.

Directed by: Srinivas Krishna
Written by: Srinivas Krishna, Robert Armstrong
Starring: Kim Lieu, Clark Johnson, Michael Rhoades
Produced by: Srinivas Krishna, Robert Bergman
Original Music by: Leslie Winston

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