I Love You, Don't Touch Me!

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I Love You..Don't Touch Me! is a delightful romantic comedy about a young woman's search far the perfect relationship and, less obviously, for a special someone to free her from her virginity. This late-in-coming-of-age story is an excellent debut by writer/director/producer Julie Davis, who shows promise to be the new (and maybe first) voice of the young, neurotic jewish female (watch out, Woody Allen).

Katie is a hopeless romantic whose best friend Ben is desperately in love with her; she sets him up with her good friend Janet. They naturally have sex on their first date (c'mon, it's Janet),and an appalled Katie stops talking to both of them. She meets a handsome, worldly composer who guides her dream of singing and teaches her everything she ever wanted to know about sex. Unfortunately, she also learns about disappointment and heartbreak. Katie is desolate but also surprised at the way her new maturity has broken her old inhibitions and opened her eyes to unseen opportunities in life.

I Love You... Don't Touch Me! shows that roles in a relationship are not always gender specific.
- Mary Kerr

Directed by: Julie Davis
Written by: Julie Davis
Starring: Meredith Scott Lynn, Michael Harris, Wallace Kurth, Marla Schaffel, Nancy Sorel, Darryl Theirse, Mitchell Whitfield
Produced by: Julie Davis, Scott Chosed
Original Music by: Jane Ford

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