Lone Star

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"A lot of what this movie is about is history and what we do with it. Do we use it to hit each other? Is it something that drags us down? Is it something that makes us feel good? You can get six different people to look at the Alamo and they have six different stories about what actually happened and what its significance was. The same goes for your personal history. At what point do you say about your parents, 'that was them, this is me. I take responsibility for myself from this day on.' That's also what this movie is about." - John Sayles

Directed by: John Sayles
Written by: John Sayles
Starring: Kris Kristofferson, Elizabeth Peņa, Chris Cooper, Ron Canada, Tony Plana
Produced by: R. Paul Miller, Maggie Renzi
Original Music by: Mason Daring

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