Jack and Diane

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Directed by: Bradley Rust Gray
Written by: Bradley Rust Gray
Starring: Neal Huff, Cara Seymour, Kylie Minogue, Leo Fitzpatrick, Juno Temple, Riley Keough, Dane DeHaan, Haviland Morris, Michael Chernus, Michael Jefferson, Rock Kohli, Jen Ponton, Zohren Weiss, Bryan Williams, Blake Daniel, Thysson George Williams, David Villalobos, T. Oliver Reid, Samantha Ives, Lena Gora, Brett McClelland, Jennifer Appel, Evan Haydien, Jackson Ning, Nathaniel P. Claridad, Troy Zapata, Everardo L. Huesca, Sean Newman
Produced by: Bradley Rust Gray, Karin Chien, Jen Gatien, So Yong Kim
Cinematography by: Anne Misawa

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