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Review, by David Sterritt

Jean Hammett is a French artist in a small American psychiatric hospital. Monique Phillips attempts to escape from a larger institution, but she is caught and transferred to Jean's hospital where time no longer functions in a "normal " way. Rejecting her American roots, she becomes obsessed with him because in her mind he comes to symbolize freedom. Eric Johnson, a guard, interprets her behaviour as deepening madness. Jean befriends Roger Freeman, afellow patient, once a great jazz musician. An Episcopal priest, Reverend David Sheppard, returns from war to the world" inside" the hospital. The priest believes if he can convince a church organist, Grace Patterson, to love him he can become " normal ". Admidst the joy and turmoil of their lives some questions emerge... Who is inside... who is out... and who is really free?

Directed by: Rob Tregenza
Written by: Rob Tregenza
Starring: David Roland Frank, Bérangère Allaux, Mikkel Gaup, Tom Gilroy, Frédéric Pierrot, Stefania Rocca, Steven Watkins
Produced by: Gill Holland

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