Humboldt County

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Directed by: Darren Grodsky, Danny Jacobs
Written by: Darren Grodsky, Danny Jacobs
Starring: Fairuza Balk, Peter Bogdanovich, Frances Conroy, Madison Davenport, Brad Dourif, Chris Messina, Jeremy Strong, Darren Grodsky, Danny Jacobs, Elayn Taylor, Roy Marin, Jabari Morgan, Julia Oliveira, Bethany Therese, Nathan Pierce, Michele Shoshani, Rick St. Charles, Tarek Zohdy, Vicky Monroe, Lawrence Bridges, John Murdock, Lenny Pettinelli, B. Swislo, Geoffrey Robinson, Raylene Rhodes, Susan Hendry, Toodie Boll, Marny Friedman, Ed Martlett, Tom Conlon, Jerry Droz, Isaac Mosgofian, Jonathon Ussery, Robert Wells, Brennan Burke-Martin, Terry Fleshman, William Carlson, Izora Burns
Produced by: Jason Weiss
Original Music by: iZLER
Cinematography by: Ernest Holzman

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