His and Hers

Photo Courtesy of the Sundance Film Festival

His & Hers definitely has a warped sense of reality. After a pregnant Carol "accidentally" chops off her husband Glenn's finger as he is coming on to her, he implies that maybe it was a different appendage she wanted to cut off. Carol retaliates by accusing Glenn of being unfaithful.The film crosses the line into comic absurdity when, on the drive to the hospital, Carol takes the finger hostage until Glenn tells her the name of his partner in infidelity. Glenn admits that he has had adulterous thoughts and discussed having sex with her best friend Pam.

From there the story goes on a roller-coaster ride with Glenn at the center with the simple, yet seemingly impossible, goal of getting to tne hospital in time for his finger to be reattached.Ihat's easier said than done when you throw in Pam's jealous husband Nick,a bank-robbing couple who take Glenn and Carol hostage and discover they have thought-infidelity problems of their own,and a news anchorwoman who is the supreme object of Glenn's ultimate fantasies.

Hal Salwen's His & Hers achieves a truly glorious, freewheeling, madcap ride into lunacy like the screwball comedies of yesteryear, in the process shattering the stereotype of the happy suburban couple. And all this because of a pinky finger.
- Mary Kerr

Directed by: Hal Salwen
Written by: Hal Salwen
Starring: Liev Schreiber, N'Bushe Wright, Caroleen Feeney, Michael Rispoli, Cynthia Watros, Danny Hoch, Joe Lisi, Jodi Long
Produced by: Hal Salwen, Michael J. Cozell

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