Un héros très discret
(A Self Made Hero)

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One evening in November 1944, during the final months of a war he didn't fight, a man decides to become a hero. Or rather, to be taken for a hero... to invent a wonderful life for himself more beautiful, more colourful than his own. In an era lending itself to all kinds of confusion, in the hard and strange Paris of the winter of '44, he masters the art of lying, using omission and allusion to build a shadowy character like no other. After having succeeded in introducing himself into Resistance circles, he is called to an important post in the French-occupied zone of Germany. This man, who is actually another and one who had nothing, gains everything: honour, admiration, friendship, power, love... But for how long...

"Football games, for instance, are played on special fields. There ought to be special war fields for people who like dying in the open air. Everywhere else, people would dance and laugh...

"...You don't know Shanghai, or Kleist, or the great obliques, or Hegel, or even less Patagonia and nothing at all about Nietzsche, that big loudmouth people talk about while they sip their cognac. Gosh, how unarmed for life a little Frenchman is!" - Roger Nimier in "Le Hussard Bleu".

Directed by: Jacques Audiard
Written by: Jacques Audiard, Jean-François Deniau
Starring: Sandrine Kiberlain, Mathieu Kassovitz, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Anouk Grinberg, Albert Dupontel, Nadia Barentin, Bernard Bloch, François Chattot
Produced by: Patrick Godeau
Original Music by: Alexandre Desplat

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