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On the ramparts of Elsinor, Hamlet sees the ghost of his father appear. The latter tells him that he was assassinated by his brother Claudius, in accord with the Queen, Hamlet's mother. His brother not only stole his wife and crown but also his life. The young Prince feigns madness in preparation for his revenge, and sends his fiancé Ophelia away, who in turn goes mad and drowns herself. While dueling with Laertes, Ophelia's brother, Hamlet is wounded by a poisoned rapier. Before dying, he manages to kill Claudius, while his mother drinks from a poisoned cup meant for himself.

Directed by: Kenneth Branagh
Written by: Kenneth Branagh, William Shakespeare
Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Michael Maloney, Rufus Sewell, Robin Williams, Julie Christie, Nicholas Farrell, Derek Jacobi, Kate Winslet
Produced by: David Barron
Original Music by: Patrick Doyle

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