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Through a boggled drug sting, holiday rave, road trip to Las Vegas, and one very bizarre dinner party, Go spins an urban tale while its characters spin out of control. A gritty comedy tracing three interconnected stories, told over two days and one wild night, Go enlists an unconventional structure that allows you to tag along with the action in the most thrilling way possible. Each part of the triplicate story begins at the precise same moment - a shift change in a grocery store in Los Angeles a few days before Christmas.

Ronna is a seventeen-year-old supermarket clerk, down on her luck, with eviction staring her in the face and her first drug deal in the works. Her coworker Simon is a nice-enough kid, so why does everything he touches turn to trouble? Adam and Zack are the third part of the equation, two soap stars with reasons of their own to enter the store at this particular moment.

Go is the perfect follow-up for director Doug Liman after his critically acclaimed Swingers. He is a master at capturing the angst driving each story and letting the intrigue build organically; each retelling changes your perception. Paired with John August's clever, insightful writing, Liman infuses the action with a playful dark reality found only in modern Los Angeles. The cast is young and dynamic, giving an added jolt of authenticity. Go unfolds like an intricate puzzle: All the pieces are there; the fun is in anticipating how they fit together.

- John Cooper

Directed by: Doug Liman
Written by: John August
Starring: Sarah Polley, Jay Mohr, Scott Wolf, Taye Diggs, Katie Holmes, Timothy Olyphant
Produced by: Mickey Liddell, Paul Rosenberg, Matt Freeman

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