Florence and her friend Nyasha are two 15 year old girls who live in a little village in Rhodesia. We are in 1975 and the "Chimurenga" (the war for independance) is raging. One night a group of "freedom warriors" come in to pick up volunteers. Florence, who likes action, and Nyasha, the intellectual, decide to enroll. From now on they will be known as "Flame" and "Liberty".

Directed by: Ingrid Sinclair
Written by: Ingrid Sinclair, Barbara Jago
Starring: Dick 'Chinx' Chigaira, Robina Chombe, Sithembiso Gumbo, Jackie Jojo, Marian Kunonga, Norman Madawo, Ulla Mahaka, Moise Matura
Produced by: Simon Bright, Joel Phiri
Original Music by: Keith Goddard

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