Abel Vichac is not feeling well: every night he is obsessed by a word that prevents him from sleeping. He doesn't write anymore and he makes no plans. His relationship with his girlfriend, Aliette, and his brother Thomas are also far from being easy. Without any plan for the future, Vichac let himself tempting by a few sentimental affairs. Hence he enters into Florence's life, a former student of his. There is also Catherine who pesters him with her assiduous attentions and one of his friends, Aurore... This last affair is one too many for Aliette. She leaves him. Lonely and confused, Vichac threatens to commit suicide.

Directed by: Pascal Bonitzer
Written by: Pascal Bonitzer
Starring: Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Jackie Berroyer, Laurence Côté, Hélène Fillière, Natacha Régnier
Produced by: Claude Kunetz

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