The Empty Mirror

In a set which could be the bunker where he lived his last days, Adolf Hitler dictates his memoirs while newsreels illustrate his irrestible rise. Goebbels and Goering come to talk with their Fürher, then Eva Braun enters under the sarcastic eyes of Sigmund Freud. However, the crazy machinery grows out of control and the old, lonely and dying monster desperately tries to go through the looking glass, for the last time...

Directed by: Barry J. Hershey
Written by: Barry J. Hershey, R. Buckingham
Starring: Peter Michael Goetz, Joel Grey, Doug McKeon, Norman Rodway, Glenn Shadix, Camilla Soeberg
Produced by: M. Jay Roach, William Dance
Original Music by: John C. Frizzell

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