Dong gong xi gong
(East Palace West Palace)

Photo Courtesy of the Cannes Film Festival

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The street urinals of a public park in the Chinese capital have become the favoured meeting point for homosexuals. A Lan, a sensitive young writer, likes strolling in the park. During a police raid, he finds himself at headquarters suffering a ft by the book " interrogation. The questioning of A Lan quickly transforms into an unexpected reminiscence of his tumultuous life: his childhood, parents, school, first sexual experience, obligatory state work in the countryside, and then, a slow drift into the quest for true love. These brief intimate glimpses of A Lan's life blur the interrogating officer's feelings for his prisoner. A strange love story unfolds.

Directed by: Yuan Zhang
Written by: Yuan Zhang, Wang Xiaobo
Starring: Si Han, Hu Jun
Produced by: Christophe Jung, Christophe Ménager
Original Music by: Xiang Min

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