Compagna di viaggio
(Travelling Companion)

Cora is an impulsive and rebellious twenty year-old girl. She is homeless, lives in Rome and has no stable relationships. She takes on small jobs and sleeps wherever she can. One day, the woman whose dog she walks, asks Cora to take care of her father who is losing his memory. When he leaves his house he cannot find his way home. He refuses any help so Cora accepts to follow him. The first days she 'shadows' him without difficulty. One morning, Cosimo goes to the train station and gets on a train. Cora is worried and warns his daughter who begs her to follow him. A strange journey begins, of which the destination is unknown.

Directed by: Peter Del Monte
Written by: Peter Del Monte, Mario Fortunato
Starring: Michel Piccoli, Asia Argento, Lino Capolicchio, Sylvia Cohen, Max Malatesta, Patrizia Pezza
Produced by: Enzo Porcelli
Original Music by: Dario Lucantoni

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