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Directed by: Jonathan Glazer
Written by: Jonathan Glazer, Milo Addica, Jean-Claude Carrière
Starring: Danny Huston, Nicole Kidman, Anne Heche, Peter Stormare, Ted Levine, Arliss Howard, Lauren Bacall, Alison Elliott, Cara Seymour, Novella Nelson, Cameron Bright, Mike Desautels, Scott Johnsen, Joe M. Chalmers, Zoe Caldwell, Charles Goff, Sheila Smith, Milo Addica, Mary Catherine Wright, Elizabeth Greenberg, Tessa Auberjonois, Michael Joseph Cortese Jr., John Robert Tramutola, Jordan Lage, Margot Jewers, Matthew Giffuni, Ian Hoffberg, Laura Fallon, John Juback, Kavita R. Mangroo, Alexandra Salo, Hollis McConnell Jones, Libby Skala, Bruce Bennetis
Produced by: Jean-Louis Piel, Lizie Gower, Nick Morris, Wang Wei
Original Music by: Alexandre Desplat
Cinematography by: Harris Savides

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