The Big One

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Review, by Karen Jaehne

In the eight years since his resounding success with Roger & Me, Michael Moore has created a network television show, a feature film, and a best-selling book. Though he may have risen to celebrity status, he remains feverishly loyal to his cause -promoting social awareness of the devalued status of working-class Americans and exposing the overt shortsightedness of corporate greed.

Sent by his publisher on a nationwide book tour, Moore takes the opportunity to make a film, without necessarily informing his publisher. Shooting with a tiny crew, including American Job's Chris Smith, he encourages his cameraman to keep rolling under all circumstances. Along his forty-seven city stops, we watch him in action through radio interviews, lectures to students, and his trademark drop in and see who will talk. Whether at a secret meeting with Borders' employees who are trying to unionize or visiting a recently closed candy-bar factory where the newly unemployed are picketing, Moore is talking to people, asking them questions, and coming to the same conclusion: This country is still experiencing fierce corporate downsizing. American companies are cutting back by closing stateside factories in favor of cheaper labor overseas, resulting in even larger profits at the expense of our workers. Trying to secure a meeting with any CEO of a major corporation, he finally strikes pay dirt with Phil Knight, CEO of Nike.

Moore maintains a unique ability to explain the plight of the American worker in simple, even humorous language. He may not live in Flint any longer, but he hasn't forgotten what happened there.

- Lisa Viola

Directed by: Michael Moore
Written by: Michael Moore
Starring: Michael Moore, Kathleen Glynn, Rick Nielsen, Phil Knight, Garrison Keillor, Studs Terkel
Produced by: Kathleen Glynn

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