The 53rd Venice Film Festival 1996

Films in Competition:

"Ilona Comes With the Rain," Sergio Cabrera (Colombia/Spain/Italy)
"Pianese Nunzio, 14 in May," Antonio Capuano (Italy)
"Party," Manoel De Oliveira (Portugal)
"Ponette," Jacques Doillon (France)
"The Funeral," Abel Ferrara (U.S.)
"Forever Mozart," Jean-Luc Godard (Switzerland/France)
"Brigands," Otar Iosseliani (Georgia/France)
"Michael Collins," Neil Jordan (Ireland)
"Hommes, femmes: mode d'emploi," Claude Lolouch (France)
"Carla's Song," Ken Loach (Britain)
"Vesna va veloce," Carlo Mazzacurati (Italy)
"Profundo carmesi," Arturo Ripstein (Mexico)
"The Ogre," Volker Schlondorff (Germany)
"Basquiat," Julian Schnabel (U.S.)
"Buddha Bless America," Wu Nien-Jen (Taiwan)

Films Out of Competition:

"Portrait of a Lady," Jane Campion (New Zealand/U.S.)
"Sleepers," Barry Levinson (U.S.)
"Chronicle of the Third Millennium: A Metaphoric Fairy Tale," Francesco Maselli (Italy)
"Shine," Scott Hicks (Australia)

Venetian Nights:

"The Fan," Tony Scott (U.S.)
"Independence Day,"
Roland Emmerich (U.S.)
"Last Man Standing," Walter Hill (U.S.)-- Newsflash
"The Frighteners," Peter Jackson (U.S.)
"Multiplicity," Harold Ramis (U.S.)
"Bound," Larry & Andy Wachowski (U.S.)
"Chamanka," Andrzej Zulawski (Poland/France)

Fast Lane:

"Ni d'Eve ni d'Adam," Jean-Paul Civeyrac (France)
"Lea," Ivan Fila (Germany)
"Livers Ain't Cheap," James Merendino (U.S.)
"Fistful of Flies," Monica Pelizzari (Australia)
"Kolja," Jan Sverak (Czech Republic)
"Festival," Im Kwon Taek (South Korea)
"De Jurk," Alex Van Warmerdam (Netherlands)
"Swingers," Doug Liman (U.S.)

Window On Images (Features):

"Love and Other Catastrophes," Emma-Kate Crogan (Australia)
"Metle-tol de l'eau qui dort," Jacques Deschampes (France)
"L'age des possibles," Pascale Ferran (France)
"True Story," Abdolfazi Jalili (Iran)
"Le Polygraphe," Robert Lepage (Canada)
"Guy," Michael Lindsay-Hogg (Britain)
"Hard Core Logo," Bruce McDonald (Canada)
"Segell Ikhtifa (Chronicle of a Disappearance)," Elia Souleyman (Palestine/Israel/France/Germany/U.S.)
"Warshots," Heiner Stadler (Germany)
"De Nieuwe Moeder," Paula Van der Oest (Netherlands)
"Zone Franche," Paul Vecchiali (France)
"La Comedie francaise, ou l'amour joue," Frederick Wiseman (France)

Window On Cinema: 100 + 1:

"Die Gebruder Skladanowsky," Wim Wenders and students of the Hochschule (Germany)
"Forgotten Silver," Peter Jackson, Costa Botes (New Zealand)
"I Rollerna Tre," Christina Olofson (Sweden)
"The Russian Idea," Sergei Selyanov (Russia)
"100 Years of Polish Cinema," Pavel Lozinski (Poland)
"Yang Yin Gender in Chinese Cinema," Stanley Kwan (Hong Kong)
"Mrinai Sen on Century of Cinema," Mrinai Sen (India)

Special Events:

"Silver Nitrate," Marco Ferreri (Italy/France)
"Bahia de lodos los sambas," Gustavo Dahl, Paulo Cesar Saraceni (Brazil)
"Grace of My Heart," Allison Anders (U.S.)

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