1995 Toronto International Film Festival Awards

NFB-JOHN SPOTTON AWARD FOR BEST CANADIAN SHORT FILM (Sponsored by the National Film Board of Canada, it carries a prize of $2500 (Canadian) toward the filmmaker's next film, with an additional $2500 (Canadian) in film processing from the NFB)
- Special Jury Citation: ODILON REDON, by Guy Maddin, "for its celebration of the symbolic painter and its playful references to the early days of cinema"
- Special Jury Citation: USE ONCE AND DESTROY, by John L'Ecuyer, "for its darkly poetic and gritty representation of white punks on junk".
- *And the winner is...*: RECONSTRUCTION, by Laurence Green, "[F]or its astonishingly inventive narrative told within the autobiographical home-movie genre, for its exploration of family secrets and social prejudices in the 60's and 70's, and for its universal resonance."

TORONTO-CITY AWARD FOR BEST CANADIAN FEATURE FILM (Jointly sponsored by the City of Toronto and CityTV, it carries a cash prize of $ 25,000)
- Special Jury Citations: CURTIS'S CHARM, by John L'Ecuyer; RUDE, by Clement Virgo.
- *And the winner is...* Bruce Sweeney's LIVE BAIT for its "[h]umanism, generosity and humour."

AIR CANADA PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD (voted by the Festival audiences)
- Second Runner-up (a tie): UNSTRUNG HEROES, by Diane Keaton (USA); THE RUN OF THE COUNTRY, by Peter Yates (USA/UK/Ireland)
- First runner-up: LOVE LETTER, Sunji Iwai (Japan)
- *And the winner is...*: ANTONIA'S LINE, by Marleen Gorris (Netherlands/Belgium/UK)

METRO MEDIA AWARD (voted by the press corps)
- Second Runner-up (a tie): TO DIE FOR, by Gus Van Sant (USA); FALLEN ANGELS, by Wong Kar-wai (Hong-Kong)
- First Runner-up (an unprecedented three-way split): WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, by Todd Solondz (USA); LA HAINE, Mathieu Kassovitz (France); CELLULOID CLOSET, by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (USA)
- *And the winner is...* LA CEREMONIE, by Claude Chabrol (France)

FIPRESCI AWARD (INTERNATIONAL FILM CRITICS) (for best first feature in the First Cinema programme.
*And the winner is....* (a tie): EGGS by Brent Hamer (Norway), for "the simplicity, subtlety, and formal rigour with which it portrays what turns out to be a tragic social situation"; and DESOLATION ANGELS, by Tim McCann (USA), for "its formal rawness and its characterization of a man defined by a legacy of brutality affecting both him and others."

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